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24 May

Love that beat the air

Last May 20, 2017 Nelson Javier Serrano had the initiative to celebrate his second anniversary of engagement with Ginelis Soto Vega in a different and memorable way. The young man surprised his girlfriend with a gift that marked her life forever, celebrate their love from the air. Both young people trusted on Puerto Rico Helitours to make the dream of the young woman who had never traveled. “Ginelis had never traveled, and it was important for me to give her something unique,” Nelson said of his experience of flying San Juan with his beloved Ginelis.

The young woman who was surprised by her boyfriend with an arrangement on the day of her anniversary noticed that inside the arrangement there was an envelope that indicated that it should not open until Saturday, May 20, 2017, Once the day arrives the girl did not know where Her boyfriend Nelson was taking her. Once they arrived at our facilities Ginelis extremely surprised, full of emotion began to cry. With many nerves Ginelis took on the challenge and once the couple took our “Made in Puerto Rico tour” the happiness that gripped both was inexplicable.

“I had the experience of flying by helicopter before but not in a pleasant way but rather for work reasons and I can say that having celebrated my anniversary this way broke my expectations, it was definitely a wonderful experience and I urge all People who often for economic reasons are difficult to travel or take a vacation in or out of PR that consider this alternative, this tour breaks with the monotony and makes you appreciate Puerto Rico, see the most beautiful from the air “

Nelson said about his experience with us.



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