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La Vecindad del Chavo

La Vecindad del Chavo


Open: Saturday and Sunday | Our Service: 12:00pm a 6:00pm  | Teléfono: (787) 497-5323 | *Without prior reservation. Shifts will be in order of arrival.

How to reach La Vecindad del Chavo Restaurant

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From Expreso Las Américas:


Go south by taking Las Américas Expresso or PR-18. Take the exit to Américo Miranda Avenue. Stay in the left section and continue driving. Turn left to take Las Américas Expresso. Take the left exit to José de Diego Expresso or PR22 West. Take the exit on direction to Rio Hondo Expresso or PR-5. Continue driving to Las Cumbres Avenue or PR-199. Turn left to la Aldea Road or PR-840. Continue the march by PR-830. Turn left to Ramon Luis Rivera Avenue or PR-167. Take the section on direction to PR-5. Drive at the left section and pass the PR-5. Continue to PR-164 and then to PR-152; also continue the march to PR-802. Continue to Mana Sector and then march up to PR-802. Turn left to PR-771 and continue in the right section. Turn right to Don Manuel Road and turn right to Los Zayas Road. At your right you will see La Vecindad del Chavo.




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