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Puerto Rico Turismo
21 Mar

Praising our Baseball team through the air

Just a few hours away before starting the World Baseball Classic game where Puerto Rico will be facing the United States team; the passion of the puertorrican fans grows and they are showing it in many ways.

One of them was created by the owners of Benítez Aviation, with the collaboration of Sign Display, whom spent the morning wrapping one of their helicopters with the images of some of the players the “Novena (ninth) Boricua” (this is how puetorricans call their team) to show their support for the team and raise the town’s enthusiasm.

The intention behind this initiative, expressed Captain Carlos Benítez, is to send solidarity and support to our team members. The experimented pilot said, that he, together with the singer Tito El Bambino, will be flying throughout San Juan between 5:00pm to 6:00pm to exemplify the fervor these players performance has caused to our citizens.

“In these hard time like the ones we are living, our baseball team has achieved to unite our town with the sole purpose of celebrating what we are as a country and how big we can come to be when we are determined”, said Benítez.

“We are motivated by the excitement it causes us of being puertirricans and the appreciation of the talents our country has, and in this occasion it is shown throughout sports.”, he emphasized.

The game between the “Novena Boricua” and the United States will be starting at 10:00pm, local hour.


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